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In MAME (release 0.207), the following TI hardware is emulated:


Peripheral devices

  • Peripheral Expansion Box
  • 32K Memory Expansion Card
  • TI Floppy Disk Controller Card
  • BwG Floppy Disk Controller (SNUG)
  • Enhanced Video Processor Card (SNUG)
  • Hard and Floppy Disk Controller (Myarc)
  • Horizon Ramdisk (Horizon)
  • High Speed GPL Card (SNUG)
  • Memex Card (Myarc)
  • Memory Expansion Card (Myarc)
  • P-Code Card
  • SuperAMS Memory Card (Asgard, SW99ers)
  • Speech Synthesizer plus PEB adapter
  • RS232/PIO card
  • IDE Adapter Card (Nouspikel)
  • USB/Smartmedia Adapter Card (Nouspikel)
  • Handheld controllers (Joysticks)
  • Bus mouse (EVPC, Geneve)
  • Mechatronics Mouse
  • Remote Handset Controllers (TI-99/4)
  • Floppy Disk Drives
  • Hard Disk Drives (generic and Seagate types)
  • Cassette recorder
  • Cartridge Expander