Well - there it is. My website has returned to public, after more than 10 years of absence for the main site, and four years for my galery. It took me a long time to figure out which CMS to use, particularly to replace the old Menalto Galery 2, which I had been using for my galery for a long time. Unfortunately, this galery framework was discontinued some time ago, and that should be a good motivation to look for something new, because you don't want to let the bad guys search for exploits in an unmaintained PHP framework. The galery way formerly available under the mizapf.eu domain and is now integrated here.

While thinking about a new galery, this was the best opportunity to also check for a concept for the main site (mizapf.de). I tried several tools, started with modx, but it proved to be as flexible as cumbersome to me, leaving too much work to the site maintainer.

Eventually, it was the ubiquitous Joomla.

For the galery feature, I am using the Sigplus extension. In order to restrict access to the pictures, I use Conditional Content.

Of course, this site is far from being finished. I suggest you have a quick look now and then.

My apologies if you encounter articles in German, even though you selected the English version. Not all articles have been translated yet.