Anything new to report?

I just returned from Madeira, a Portuguese island west of Morocco, some hundred kilometers north from the Canary islands. I brought a lot of pictures from there, but it seems as if I'm getting in trouble catching up ...

because some weeks ago I spent some days on Iceland, and those pictures still wait for sorting and editing.

Vacation time can be stressful.

Apart from that, as usual, you will find some information about my hobby activities on these pages, including photography (particular on vacation trips), and computer technology of various kinds.

If you found your way here for having a look at my vacation pictures, please follow the links below or use the menu point Travel. Note that you will not find closeup shots of people without login, according to privacy considerations.

There is a larger section about MAME in the TI-99 part. MAME is an emulation framework that allows for emulating countless systems from arcade cabinets to home computers. I am involved in MAME development for more than 10 years, focused on the TI-99 family. On these pages you will find some detail information not shown on the official MAME website, most notably, details about using the TI emulations, hints and manuals.

Concerning the appearance, the site is surprisingly vintage, some might say; I say it is Web content from its original ideas.

Web 2.0, as described by Tim O'Reilly around 2005, with high expectations and promises, has been absorbed into the social media. On this website, there is no user-generated content, except from me, of course, no comment functions, no forums.

Since I do not intend to make money with this site, I can't offer you those exciting ad banners, not even a tracking cookie. Sorry.

And contrary to the ubiquituous mantra of mobile first, these pages are perfectly viewed on a desktop browser, that is, they are designed desktop first. However, due to the powerful responsive web techniques, these pages look quite good on mobile phones, too, even though I did not put too much efforts to get it.

Technically, the website is driven by the CMS Joomla. The picture gallery is implemented using the Sigplus extension, and for restricted access I am using Conditional Content.

Of course, this site is far from being finished. I suggest you have a quick look now and then.

My apologies if you encounter articles in German, even though you selected the English version. Not all articles have been translated yet.