Actually, all Linuxes are alike. Almost. In the end, you run into problems because one system is by default installed with some library that another does not use. Since these libraries are installed only once, the challenge is to find out which libraries need to be installed and which are already there, and this is again different from system to system.

Thus, not the Linuxes are different, but their installation evolves over time. I will give some hints for installing MAME on different systems on this page.

Running MAME

openSUSE Tumbleweed

If you are using the rolling release of openSUSE (which is named Tumbleweed), the only missing library is libSDL2_ttf-2_0-0.

sudo zypper install libSDL2_ttf-2_0-0

After that, you should be able to run MAME. (Please report if you find a different situation.)

Ubuntu 18