This was a trip with World Insight to Mongolia, from August 08 to August 25, 2017. World Insight is a German travel agency, specialized on group trips like many others (Marco Polo, Studiosus, Djoser etc.)

World Insight organizes group trips with small numbers of participants; our group had just seven people, and on my trip to Laos/Cambodia with the same agency we were even only five.


Mongolian is typically not on the curriculum, and most of us will probably never get in touch with it, maybe except for some athletes in sports. Despite its neighborhood to China, it is not related in any kind with Chinese, and it is not a tonal language like most far-east languages, so it does not sound too weird for us. The letter L is a bit tricky, as it requires to blow air around the tongue while saying L; this is similar to the Welsh LL, but voiced. "La" sounds a bit like "shla".

German-speaking people are probably most confused with the many Ö and Ü in words, often as double vowel (which is impossible in German). However, those letters are no umlauts, they sound like the closed O and U in German. Words like "önöödör" (today) are pronouced just like "ohnodor" in German (not existing, just as a hint), and "üül" sound like "Uhl" in German or "ool" in English. However, it often depends where the speaker comes from. In Inner Mongolia (China), the letters sound differently again.

Also, Mongolian is written in cyrillic, and the letters used here are transliterations.

These are the most important rules for a close pronunciation.

  • Double vowels long, single vowels short
  • kh like ch in Scottish Loch
  • L like shl oder lsh
  • ch like ch in check
  • ö like a mix of oo in boo and ow loke in low
  • o like o in hot
  • ü like oo in boo
  • u like u in put
  • y like ee in see


I organised all the pictures by days. This results in some days showing a big number of pictures, other days only a few.

Way too much for me? Then I recommend to have a look at the following days first: Day 3, Day 9, Day 12, Day 14

The daily pages are still only available in German, but the pictures can be seen by any language, of course.


Mongolei 2017 - Tag 1: Flight from Frankfurt/Main, Germany, to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.


Mongolia 2017 - Day 2: Ulaanbaatar (Hotel Khabu)


Mongolia 2017 - Day 3: Ulaanbaatar - National park Khustain Nuruu (Khustai Resort)

Mongolia 2017 - Day 4: Khustain Nuruu - Erdene Khambiin Khiid (Khamba monastery) - Camp Khankhar Uul at the Khögnö Khan mountain


Mongolia 2017 - Day 5: Khögnö Khan - Ögii Nuur (Ogii lake)


Mongolia 2017 - Day 6: Ögii Nuur - Tsertserleg - Taikhar Chuluu (Rock)


Mongolia 2017 - Day 7: Taikhar Chuluu - Khorgo and Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur (volcano and White Lake)


Mongolia 2017 - Day 8: Tsagaan Nuur - Tsertserleg - Tsenkher

Mongolia 2017 - Day 9: Tsenkher - Kharkhorin (near Karakorum; ruins)

Mongolia 2017 - Day 10: Kharkhorin - Orkhon waterfall

Mongolia 2017 - Day 11: Orkhon waterfalll - Ongiin Khiid (monastery ruins)

Mongolia 2017 - Day 12: Ongiin Khiid - Saxaul forest - Bayandsag (Flaming Cliffs)

Mongolia 2017 - Day 13: Bayandsag - Khongoryn Els (dune)

Mongolia 2017 - Day 14: Khongoryn Els - Valley of the vultures

Mongolia 2017 - Day 15: Valley of the vultures - Khukh Burd - Baga Gadsriin Chuluu

Mongolia 2017 - Day 16: Baga Gadsriin Chuluu - Chinggis Khaan museum - Khan Khentii national park

Mongolia 2017 - Day 17: Khan Khentii national park - Ulaanbator - Last evening

Mongolia 2017 - Day 18: Returning home