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Part 3 of the trip: Arkhangai and Kharkhorin

Tsetserleg. We continue eastward again, visiting Tsetserleg a second time. We walk through the market halls, the container market (where the stands are actually containers). For lunch, we enjoy a hotpot dish, which is actually well-known at home as traditional Mongolian, but obviously not here.

Tsenkher. At about 5:30 pm we get to the next camp at Tsenkher. This one has an obvious touristic focus. There are hot pools outside, and a set of buildings for lavatories and a large restaurant.

After breakfast we drive through some difficult, muddy terrain; some other tourists seem to be in trouble - you really need an all-terrain car here. There is not always a bridge when you need one.

Erdene Dsuu (Övörkhangai). At noon we visit Erdene Zuu, the first buddhist monastery in Mongolia. It was destroyed in 1937 except for the walls and some few buildings. Since 1990, parts were restored, and the monastery was reopened. Outside of the walls we have a look at the excavation site, where remnants of the antique capital of Genghis Khan can be seen.

Munkh Tenger (near Kharkhorin). In the afternoon, we reach the Munkh Tenger camp near Kharkhorin. Later, we visit the Karakorum museum and then have a walk in the beautiful landscape.

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